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Ultra Conservative Minimal-Prep Veneers (4 parts)

Amir Ghahramani MDT

Tracing an actual case from smile evaluation to cementation, this Webinar series covers everything you need to know to start and finish your first minimal prep case. And, it’s packed with invaluable tips for those already placing minimal prep veneers in their practices. Through a combination of in-depth discussion and practical illustrations of each aspect on an actual live patient, these webinars have been designed to deliver a true “over the shoulder” experience for the clinician.

The series covers:

  • Easy to apply systems for clinical assessment and smile evaluation that naturally lead to superior esthetics.
  • Proven and predictable preparation and temporization guidelines based on the patient’s pre-approved smile.
  • Using laboratory-fabricated tools (diagnostic wax-up, temporary stent and prep guides) to simplify your clinical tasks.
  • Efficient placement and cementation tips




TMD Pain Solutions for the General Dentist & Specialist

Dr. Curtis Westersund - On-Demand

What is TMD? How common is it? What does it look like in our patient population? The problem with TMD is in our definition of the problem. And the limitations that definition gives us when treating patients. With a common sense look at the diagnosis of TMD we can treat the 3 main problems TMD/malocclusion patients have and find answers to help them.

You will learn:
1) The physiology of occlusion … Signs and Symptoms in the TMD Basket.
2) The 3 Problems with a Malocclusion.
3) Modern biometric diagnostics / measuring the physiology.
4) How to move from a Mechanical to Bio-Mechanical view of TMD.
5) Integrating Collaborative Protocols to get Faster Resolution.