The smile is the single most powerful form of expression we have as individuals, which goes way beyond cultural, social or any other kind of borders. The smile will always connect people, by expressing emotion, sensuality, and most of all, by expressing humanity Dental aesthetics is for everyone. Some are born with a beautiful smile, some were not, some have lost it along the years. Either way, we can restore it. Dental aesthetics is an art of improving the quality of life, by creating a better state of mind, self esteem and expression.



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No one in dentistry can match the breadth and depth in technology, experience, expertise and product that the SMARTGroup of Companies (SMART Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories, Space Maintainers Canada, Core3dcentres®, Cerum Ortho Organizers and Cerum Dental Supplies) brings to the table for dental professionals and patients across North America today. Applying technology, technique and research from around the globe, The SMART Group of Companies has made these the cornerstones of a tradition of excellence. Our affiliated companies cover all aspects from implants to digital dentistry to the creation of accurate, functional and aesthetic appliances, prostheses and restorative solutions

The SMART Group has always been committed to supporting dentistry with not only the most technologically advanced restorative materials and techniques available but also in terms of research, education and program assistance. Through our worldwide network and never-ending search for the best in proven new technologies and methodologies, we bring the latest innovations and experience from around the world to bear on your individual case situations, every day. We invite you to explore all the different aspects of the SMART Group of companies and see for yourself how we offer the best value in the dental market today – from Root to Tooth™, All Under One Roof


Our Mission Statement


  • As a full service lab focusing on comprehensive dentistry, we at SMART Ceramic/Classic are dedicated to providing each client with extraordinary customer service and the highest quality dental restoration and/or product.
  • Individual commitment on behalf of all of our company members will ensure that we remain unsurpassed in this endeavour. We will respond to our customer’s changing needs through continual product analysis, market research and employee education